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Secure sharing
Find out how, thanks to the Babylon Cloud solution, a world-class insurance company with over 1000 employees and various offices in Italy was able to enhance collaboration between branches, relying on secure cloud-based technology.

La soluzione Babylon Cloud

Secure sharing
Companies produce thousands of files every day, which must be updated and made available to all members of the various teams, even if in different geographies. For this reason, one of the biggest challenges of a company is to connect all employees to a single tool, which allows them to collaborate efficiently. Some time ago, one of the major Italian insurance companies asked us for a solution that offered secure collaboration between the various branches located throughout the area. The main objective of the company was to choose a solution to manage corporate data without using an external platform. The required solution had to allow access to work files from any workstation and enable the exchange of sensitive information between branches, guaranteeing a high level of security.

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