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Collecting, storing, syncing, sharing, and processing your data

Babylon Cloud is an integrated solution to backup, sync, share and transfer files of any size, with the possibility to access and backup your data also on mobile devices.

Babylon Cloud's innovative solutions ensure security and productivity for organizations of all types and sizes, enabling digital transformation and intelligent business management.

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Backup unlimited number of devices per single user

Do not leave your data unprotected! Keep all your devices secure, from laptop or desktop computers (Windows, MacOS, Linux), to smartphones and tablets (Android/iOS), removable drives, hard drives, and servers.

Digitalize your business in the cloud

Secure collaboration platform from any place, any time, and synchronization of data across all your devices. Access all your files from a desktop, web portal, or mobile in real-time.

Your private and secure Video Platform

Hosting and streaming Video on demand becomes simple due to our new SvoD platform by Babylon Cloud. A white-label solution, which can be integrated into any website.

End2end technology, in white-label

Our proprietary hardware and software solutions provide efficient services free of intermediaries, as well as a White Label saas platform that guarantees a perfectly customized experience.  


Complying with the new European Privacy Regulation is a complex process. Babylon Cloud is, ISO:27001 and ISO:9001 certified, has built a GDPR-oriented architecture in which data reside in the owner's country and are unavailable to anyone other than the data owner.

We guarantee data sovereignty, in full compliance with current regulations, protecting your privacy and your business.

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45.000 TB

Secured data




CO2 emissions

green cloud

Babylon Cloud uses data centres powered by renewable energy. By choosing our services, you help fight climate change and pollution.

Babylon Cloud is an eco-sustainable and carbon-free Cloud.

8 reasons for choosing us

A built-in digital solution in a unique platform

From cloud backup to highly secure file sharing, through to video streaming and unlimited file size transfer. User-friendly interface, easy to browse, giving you the chance to access and download your files at anytime, from any device. 
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Zero-knowledge secure cloud storage

Security is our top priority. We encrypt your data by using 512-bit hash, keeping our servers in TIER IV data centres only, and ensuring the best security standards and business continuity ever. As a result, your data is safe and inaccessible, even to Babylon personnel.
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Privacy compliance

Your data is protected in compliance with international regulations and the GDPR. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, confirming our commitment to quality management, and ISO 27001:2017, underlining continuous safety reinforcement in data management.
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Cost optimization

Our hardware and software is designed for maximum efficiency and scalability at the best price on the market. No additional investments are needed, even for on-premise deployment, defining the pricing model that suits your needs.
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Choose Server location

Data infrastructure across Europe (with servers in Italy, Ireland, or your choice) guarantees total privacy, transparency, security, and data sovereignty. Store your data on Public, Private or On-premise cloud. We can locate your data wherever you want, giving you total control and secure access.
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Green Cloud

Data centres can have a huge environmental impact. That’s why our cloud is eco-friendly, guaranteeing a lower energy consumption entirely based on renewable energy sources.
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Turn-key solution for our Partners

White Label SaaS platform at your complete disposal. Infrastructure installation, support, and configuration of the product, storage, and provisioning are provided with a complete set of APIs and integrated easily with your company system.
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Fully tested and approved digital solution

Thousands of companies rely on us, accelerating the digitalization processes, guaranteeing business continuity, and team collaboration in real-time.
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Digital transformation with a secure, scalable, and cost-effective solution

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