Backup in the cloud: 5 reasons why it is necessary

Consigli e soluzioni in Backup per migliorare la tua azienda

The Intellectual property is one of the most important assets for a business. No matter how big or small an enterprise is, whether it is a start-up growing or a big corporation, the ideas and solutions offered to their clients make part of their know-how. From this point of view, every company should keep the […]

Cloud Technology: 5 trends for the future

Major cloud trends: from enhanced connections to increased security to cost rationalization and multi-cloud usage.

Nowadays, nobody is surprised to hear about IT innovations. This sector is growing fast, and many big and small companies make innovations daily, everyone within their own business. Technology changes and improves our tomorrow yearly, influencing us directly. Not everyone knows how Cloud technology impacts our life exactly. But business people believe that if a […]

Cyber-attacks on small businesses: how to avoid data loss

Once data is stolen, victims are forced to pay large sums of money to get it back. Therefore, having a cloud backup solution that allows you to immediately recover data is extremely important.

Have you ever thought about how much information a company creates every minute? Many jobs include working with data online using applications or a program. In a World where people produce 2.5 quintillion bytes of data online per day, the most important rule is information security. Hackers pose cyber threats to any type of business, […]

Backup for businesses: why and how to do it

Data is a fundamental resource for professionals and companies, but also a legal responsibility. This is why it is important to manage them correctly and protect them from old and new threats with an adequate backup system for businesses. To find out more, here you can read: Why backing up business data is essentialBackup methods […]


Today large and small companies, and even freelancers, manage data volumes that grow year by year. For many organizations, it is hard to think of having their own infrastructure on which to store data efficiently and safely, respecting all data protection and privacy obligations, not to mention keeping it adequate for ever-changing needs. This is […]

Is cloud safe?

A secure cloud offers a higher level of data protection than local storage and backup systems, based on external hard drives and corporate servers, and is much more convenient. But how can we recognize a truly reliable cloud service? Here you can find out: What is the cloud?Why the cloud is more secure than local […]


Now that attacks are a real risk, it’s important to know how to protect your business against ransomware. You need adequate technologies and conscious behavior. What security systems to install, what to do and what not to do then? First, you need to understand how a virus can enter your system. How does ransomware spread?How […]


2021 could be the year of ransomware. Up until recently, they were known almost exclusively to cyber security experts and unfortunate victims. Today we h ear about them almost daily in the mass media. If the trend continues, by the end of the year attacks will have increased by 300% compared to the end of […]