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Here you can find the main questions of our partners about Backup and Sync&Share products by Babylon Cloud.

Backup e Sync&Share

Because ransomware could destroy all your data in some hours. Data must be protected in order to be always restored at any past date.

It is a multifunctional Cloud Storage solution.

You can keep your business data safe with a unique multiuser and multifunction solution.

If a virus attacked your systems, your activity would be stopped for hours, days, or months, putting your business continuity at risk, with consequential huge economic damages.

No, it allows you to sync your devices, navigate files and folders through the web portal, restore data at any past date from any device, access via mobile app, and actively share files with colleagues and clients (sync) and via dynamic links.

Babylon Cloud Backup allows choosing the safest type of backup for you. Back up an unlimited number of folders and select the scheduling most suitable to your business: scheduled or automatic backups for all your folders or scheduled or continuous backup per single folder. Plus, save entire devices, including servers, network and removable disks and restore them all with a simple click at any past date.

Our solution is infinitely scalable, meaning that the storage space of the offer can be changed easily at any time.

Babylon Cloud offers unlimited support to its partners: an entire team is at your disposal to lead you through all the phases, from presale to aftersale, online and offline marketing activities, and end-user support.

With Babylon Cloud, you can choose the provisioning model that best suits your business needs between Marketplace, Tokens and a dedicated provisioning portal. A single user’s lifecycle is fully automated: from activation to deactivation, through to service upgrade, minimizing your management complexity.