Babylon Cloud

All you need in one single solution. Babylon Cloud’s platform satisfies all business backup, restore, sync, share and file transfer needs. Access your files from any device, wherever you are. 

Cloud flexibility

Ensure safety and data sovereignty thanks to our GDPR-compliant public, private or on-premises cloud.

Unlimited scalability

Add storage space in zero-time, reducing management complexity even on-premises.

Safe collaboration

Protect your data and sync, share and access it anywhere on PCs or mobile App with our user-friendly solution.


Babylon Cloud is the most flexible and customisable cloud enabler today. The infrastructure can be positioned in any Data Center of your choice, customising each functionality, and white-labeling the SaaS platform with your logo and colours. Furthermore, all our digital offers are ready for immediate use and to go live on the market, thus reducing management complexity


We enable Telco operators, System Integrators, Software Houses, and Distributors with highly flexible digital products based on our proprietary cloud technology.  

Cloud solutions for your company

Manage your data flow with a simple Windows-like configuration: all you need for safely storing, managing, sharing and securing your documents and projects is right here with Babylon Cloud 4-in-1 solution.  


With Babylon Cloud, you have all you need to secure and manage your business data. We developed our technology in-house, and each product is designed to satisfy your business needs regarding storage, flexibility and user experience.  


Thanks to a comprehensive all-in-one solution, including backup, restore, sync, share, and file transfer, Babylon Cloud enables companies to digitalise their processes, providing automated and secure data management.


Store, share, and recover business documents at any time in the past from any device, with no time limitations. 


Access your documents from any device thanks to Babylon Cloud’s sync&share functionalities. Your files are stored in the cloud, always safe, and you can access them from fixed and mobile devices or via our web portal anytime you need them. 


Cooperating with your clients and colleagues is easy and safe. Moreover, you do not need to worry about file size limits: with Babylon Cloud, you can share and sync your data on all your devices. 

Our partners


Request a 30-day free trial. Try out all Babylon Cloud’s features and choose which solution best suits your business.


Request a 30-day free trial. Try out all Babylon Cloud’s features and choose which solution best suits your business.

Babylon Cloud for your business


Speed up your work by managing your data automatically, thanks to a user-friendly interface. Sync and Share your docs in real-time from any device with a highly secure solution.


Digitize your business with our 4-in-1 platform: manage automatic and customized backups, share data with clients and colleagues, restore all your documents at any past date.


Secure your business data and choose where to position your infrastructure, ensuring the highest level of data privacy and security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not what you are looking for? Access the FAQ section to learn how Babylon Cloud can help partners and end-users.