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The Intellectual property is one of the most important assets for a business. No matter how big or small an enterprise is, whether it is a start-up growing or a big corporation, the ideas and solutions offered to their clients make part of their know-how. From this point of view, every company should keep the data they produce as safe as possible.

Data loss can depend on many reasons: unfair competition in the market, cyber-attacks or even data leaks caused by employees. In any case, companies can prevent loss and restore their data as soon as needed by saving copies of files in the cloud.

Here are 5 important reasons why your company should think about cloud-based backup solutions.


1. Easy to start

Budgeting is always complicated, especially for SMEs. The good news is that you don’t need an upfront investment to start using some of the cloud backup services currently on the market.

Companies choose the tariff according to the number of gigabytes or terabytes they need to store. And, since data is saved on the servers of the cloud provider, they don’t need to invest in buying hardware. Together with that, using a cloud backup service for recovering data after a hacker attack is far cheaper than dealing with all the consequences of a complete data loss.


2. Fast restoring

If devices are infected with ransomware or malware, companies may lose all their data shortly. A cloud backup solution can minimize or totally prevent the impact on your business, allowing you to restore files and folders at any previous version. The duration of this process depends on the provider, but generally, it takes a few clicks and some minutes of your time.

Moreover, some providers offer one more useful tool: the Time Machine. This feature helps restore and download the older versions of files, not only in the case of cyber-attacks. In fact, this tool can recover any previous file versions even though you changed or cancelled some files by mistake. Your work is optimized and your time is saved.
For example, you can return to a specific date and time and view the history of edits of a specific file. How far in time you can go depends on the provider you choose, but retention policies generally vary from some days up to even years.
Therefore, having a cloud solution that keeps files and folders stored in the cloud forever or that allows for personalized retention policies is paramount, especially in the case of cyber-attacks. You can go back in time with no limits and restore your previously saved versions.


3. Security Compliance Standards

When you choose a cloud provider, you must be sure that it complies with the highest security regulations, such as GDPR , ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2017.

Why is it important? Because companies providing cloud services must pass auditing tests every year to guarantee that your data is stored and managed in full compliance with the law, using the utmost level of security. Special information security audits are essential as they consist of a team of professionals checking infrastructure and business security processes following international standards.


4. Flexible using

Backup as a service needs to be flexible and allow for a later upgrade of your GB plan without huge investments. For example, companies usually don’t need to buy much GB initially. Instead, they can choose a smaller plan and then analyze how much space they have used and what they will need in the future.

Moreover, when business is growing, IT specialists shouldn’t spend time searching for new features allowing them to upgrade their storage needs. They should rely on their existing cloud provider, easily. This is why it is important to choose a cloud provider being flexible and highly scalable.


5. Files always with you

The significant advantage of cloud business solutions is that employees can access their files from any device. So even though your laptop doesn’t work or you are working remotely, backed-up files are always available in the cloud.

Some cloud platforms also offer an unlimited number of devices to pair to every user’s account. In that case, even the 1-2-3 rule is respected, as if you can’t use one device, you can always open your files from another.


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