Rome, Italy – Babylon Cloud, one of the leading Italian players among cloud enablers of Telco Operators, System Integrators and Software Houses, has joined GAIA-X European project, promoted by Germany, France, Italy and other European countries, which pursues the explicit objective of creating a Federated Data Infrastructure for Europe to protect at its best the digital rights and data of European citizens.

Since its foundation, Babylon Cloud has always believed in the importance of building of a cloud infrastructure that is as close as possible to the final user and that structurally respects its privacy, ensuring that data is treated for the exclusive benefit of the user itself – the values that are fully shared in GAIA-X project.


In the last years we have witnessed an important growth of the Cloud market, a growth that has strongly accelerated, mainly due to two factors: firstly, the consequences arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, and in particular remote working, and, secondly, the introduction of funding measures such as the Next Generation EU, which among its main strategic objectives underlines the digitization of enterprises, and in particular SMEs, and Public Administration. For these reasons, and with the ever increasing centrality in the ecosystem of cloud enablers, it becomes crucial that sensitive and strategically important data, especially those of public subjects, are managed in Europe, in line with the standards established by the current regulations.

The ultimate goal of the GAIA-X project is to outline and establish a system of common rules and standards in order to manage data and transmit them on federated infrastructures. On the one side, it represents a viable alternative to the risks of technological lock-in, strongly present in this moment, and on the other, they are designed to protect privacy and guarantee security. Interoperability, transparency and data sovereignty are the pillars of common policies defined, aimed at reflecting the European values. The long-term goal is to build an open digital ecosystem that enables European businesses to compete globally, allowing users of cloud services to maintain data sovereignty at the same time.

\”We are excited to join GAIA-X project and to be able to contribute in defining EU data protection standards. It is an important initiative, not only for our country, but for the whole Europe, and it is therefore an honour to be able to contribute with our technology oriented versus final user,\” said Alessandro De Losa, CEO of Babylon Cloud, \”Being part of such an important project comes along with the European development strategy undertaken by Babylon Cloud, which began with the opening of the first foreign office in Ireland, guaranteeing data sovereignty of the final users data.  In addition, the construction of a federated cloud infrastructure that structurally respects the privacy of users is one of the principles that characterize Babylon Cloud since the first beginnings.\”