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Babylon Cloud is proud to announce the partnership agreement recently signed with Ha-Shem Limited, a major distributor based in Nigeria. This agreement marks an important milestone for Babylon Cloud international expansion, and strengthens its relationship with the growing west-african market.

Ha-Shem will support Babylon Cloud in distributing its Backup and Sync&Share solution in the CEN-SAD regions through the Ha-Shem sales network, establishing further connections with local resellers.

Starting a partnership with an important company such as Ha-Shem, is not only a privilege, but also a great opportunity for our solutions to become available to an ever-increasing number of companies worldwide.


Babylon Cloud Solution

The solution that lands on the West-African market is a cloud-based platform with three main features:

  • Cloud Backup and Restore:
    the intuitive and easy-to-use solution by Babylon Cloud that ensures security of data on the cloud and easy restore in case of cyber attack or human error.
  • Sync & Share:
    the real-time synchronization and sharing tool that allows a seamless collaboration between different teams and clients.
  • File Transfer:
    the file and folder transfer feature to send unlimited data of any size through dynamic links.

Ha-Shem chose Babylon Cloud to answer the increasing demand for cloud-based technology in Africa.

West-African region is rapidly growing in digital capabilities: since 2017 bandwidth is almost doubled, a higher number of companies are now improving their technological branch: IT market is entering a phase of growth,with an increasing demand for secure cloud-based solutions.

Our flexible and high technological solution is designed to accelerate the digitisation of companies, improving processes, communication and sharing: that’s why we believe that Babylon Cloud solution can bring a great value to the African market.


A valuable partnership

Babylon Cloud strongly believes that the partnership with Ha-Shem will be valuable for both sides. Thanks to its understanding of the competition, local trends and target customers within the region, Ha-Shem will boost Babylon Cloud solution into the right direction, providing the highest performance cloud technology to respond promptly to the companies needs.

Ha-Shem’s proactivity and experience in selling IT Services and Babylon Cloud’s flexible cloud solutions have found a perfect match to expand over the West-African market. This was possible thanks to a shared and common goal: provide an integrated and valuable solution to accelerate the digitisation of small, mid-sized and corporate businesses.