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Strategic Partnership Agreement

Babylon Cloud announces a new partnership with Lanaco, a system integrator based in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This strategic partnership marks the entry of Babylon Cloud into the Balkan market, where Lanaco will deliver the solution to their clients in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Albania, becoming Babylon Cloud’s exclusive distributor.


Partnership main strengths

Lanaco started its history 30 years ago as a small family business to soon become a well-established company with offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia, positioning itself as a leader in the Balkan Region.

One of the principles that guide both Babylon Cloud and Lanaco is the commitment to providing modern IT solutions for Telco operators, SMB`s, enterprises, public administrations, and citizens, to maximize the benefits of modern technologies. By combining professionalism and the experience of our teams, the aim is to bring powerful and flexible cloud-based solutions to the end-users.

Together with Lanaco`s experience and deep understanding of Balkan’s customers’ needs, Babylon Cloud continues to work on a long-term international expansion strategy, strongly believing in synergy between the two companies.


Babylon Cloud Solution

Lanaco and Babylon Cloud deliver cloud-based backup and sync&share solutions for Telco operators, SMBs, corporates and public sectors. Through this synergy, the final users will have a unique solution for saving, restoring, syncing and sharing their files and data.

Babylon Cloud solution is designed ro guarantee a high level of security and usability: that’s why we bring the infrastructure the closest possible to the final users, together with a user-friendly platform, even for mobile app, localized and ready for the Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Slovenian, North Macedonian, and Albanian markets.

The infrastructure located in the data center of Lanaco will guarantee service continuity to final users, respecting the highest level of data security thanks to 100% GDPR compliance and an ISO: 27001 and ISO: 9001 certified cloud. Clients from this region will have access to Backup, Sync&Share, Restore, and Time Machine functionalities on any device without connection limits.