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Cloud services in the Middle East: an overview

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with STME, one of of the leading players in the technology sector in Saudi Arabia. This partnership sets an important turning point in Babylon Cloud’s international strategy. Entering a fast-growing market like the Middle East is a crucial step for us.
Recently, Saudi Arabia has encouraged a series of actions to revive the technology sector, also in the wake of the crisis generated by the pandemic. In this sense, the adoption of 5G, technological measures able to cope with the epidemic, as well as IT expedients to improve mobility in the region, have been deeply discussed.

Demand for tech services has grown rapidly. Therefore, creating an IT infrastructure that can provide tech services and scalable solutions necessary to support the Middle East market has become paramount. For this reason, the cloud market is expected to grow strongly, reaching USD 10 billion by 2030.

The cloud is seen as a technology that can scale according to the needs of companies and institutions. Indeed, the scalability guaranteed by cloud technologies allows for fast and almost unlimited growth. At the same time, the level of resilience and reliability of its infrastructures provides the utmost level of security, which is necessary for even the most sensitive processes.

A quality partnership

At Babylon Cloud, we are excited about this new collaboration with STME: we are sure that together with our partner, we will be able to seize the opportunities of the Middle East market.

Besides the commercial partnership, we share with STME the goal of ensuring quality in service delivery, an aspect close to both companies’ heart. Being ISO certified is a value that Babylon Cloud has in common with its partner, thus guaranteeing the highest quality standard. Also, the management orientation of STME is perfectly matched with the privacy guarantee certified by the ISO:27001 standard.

Babylon Cloud Solution

Thanks to the valuable support of STME, Babylon Cloud’s solution will help companies in the Middle East market digitalize their processes and optimize security through a reliable cloud service. The solution offered is a complete suite that enhances security and business performance. With this cloud service, users can:

  • Back up entire devices intuitively and massively restore data
  • Share and transfer documents quickly via secure, time-sensitive links
  • Synchronize files across multiple devices in real-time for maximum business efficiency


Thanks to the support of STME, Babylon Cloud will cover MEA region, allowing companies from Africa and Middle-east to optimize their security and access to digitalization.