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Are you looking for resilient cloud solutions? Discover the pricing options for your business or personal needs. Babylon Cloud provides safety backup in the cloud and a sync&share collaboration tool. Your data is always protected with security protocols and GDPR principles.

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Back up devices, network disks, the entire C: drive of your computer, removable disks, PC, mobile devices and tablets

Time machine helps “go back in time” to see and restore all the versions of your documents

Unlimited device numbers per single user


The advantages of our SaaS solution

Highly performant restore of the entire device or single folder at any date in the past

Backups are automatic, scheduled (day/time) or continuous

Your data is safe in the Cloud, and you can optimize space on local disks

Band management allows you to choose how many files will be uploaded on the platform at the same time

Massive uploads of files and folders with drag&drop functionality

Access to the Platform from web portal, client application on PC or mobile app

The difference between backup and sync&share

Synchronize all connected devices

Share via links updated in real time

Access from all devices without limits

Restore previous versions to any date in the past with the Time Machine

Keep the hierarchical tree structure of your files and folders also on the webportal

Save space on your devices with Hologram

Move your files in the Cloud and save space on your local devices

Define roles and permissions in the shared folder

Back up entire devices in the Cloud(PC, smartphone, servers, NAS, removable disks)

Customize backup for single folder/device

Massively restore saved files or devices