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The healthcare industry is among the sectors with a higher risk for ransomware attacks, jeopardising data privacy and compliance. Data breaches can cause sensitive data loss, damage reputation, loss of clients or even business closure.

Babylon Cloud responds to these challenges with a GDPR-compliant cloud, guaranteeing data sovereignty and offering a comprehensive all-in-one solution. From the infrastructure to a cloud platform with backup, restore, seamless sharing and file synchronisation functionalities. 


Modernisation in managing vast amounts of data while quickly and safely processing it is among the top priorities of the finance sector. 

Babylon Cloud automates data flows across financial institutions with flexible cloud deployment, GDPR compliance, and the highest security standards, all within secure communication protocols, data backup, and restore functionalities for every workstation.

Public Administration

The digitalisation of traditional processes and infrastructure management challenges government organisations. They must enable a greater level of internal productivity and guarantee the security of sensitive data at the same time.  

Babylon Cloud provides a military-grade backup, restore and data management platform without any infrastructure maintenance and management costs.