The healthcare sector is challenged by managing an increased number of unstructured data while at the same time guaranteeing data privacy and compliance. Secure data management prevents data breaches that cause loss of sensitive data, leading to reputation damage and loss of clients.

Babylon Cloud responds to these challenges with a GDPR-compliant cloud, guaranteeing data sovereignty from a technical, legislative and geographical perspective. From the infrastructure to a cloud platform with Backup, restore, seamless sharing and file synchronisation functionalities – with a complete all-in-one solution.

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Babylon Cloud for Health Organisations.


Improve business productivity while respecting sensitive data's mandatory medical and legal retention policies.


Avoid complexity in infrastructure positioning: maintenance, management and storage scalability are fully covered.

File access and sharing

Secure access and information sharing with institutions, doctors, and patients from any place, time, or device. No file size limit.

Data Privacy and Retention


Babylon Cloud offers data security for healthcare organisations and their patients: a full-stack EU technology developed to comply with the principles of GDPR, preventing any user, including administrators, from accessing the data and metadata of other users. Babylon Cloud is an ISO 27001:2017 and ISO 9001:2015 certified cloud, which is full compliant with GDPR principles. 

Personalise retention policy, ensuring all file versions can even be saved forever.  Store, manage and protect even the unstructured data flow within an automated process and personalise retention policy, keeping all file versions even forever.

Backup and ransomware

Infrastructure and security

Babylon Cloud brings its property object storage technology on-premises, ensuring long-term data maintenance in a safe cloud environment with no deployment complexity.

Sensitive documents, such as patients’ treatments or analysis results, require continuous protection. With Babylon Cloud, you can schedule automatic backups for an entire device or per single folder and personalise your backup frequency per day, month, week or year.

 Protect remote offices and all the organisation’s devices from data loss, even in the unfortunate events of ransomware or accidents. With Babylon Cloud, you can restore single folders or entire devices anytime – before anything happens.

Secure collaboration

Extensive file access and sharing

Healthcare institutions can now securely access and share information with institutions, doctors, and patients from any place, time, and device. 

Manage files within one ecosystem with Babylon Cloud’s 4-in-1 platform: Sync&Share massive amounts of data in real-time, share sensitive documentation with protected links and configure the time limits for data access. Fastly sharing huge reports and records is possible with dynamic links. In addition, there are no limits on file size or the number of documents to be shared

All-in-one solution for healthcare

Data backup and recovery

Recover your data quickly and easily in case one layer of your security fails.

On-Prem infrastructure

Choose public, private or on-prem infrastructure: delivery, maintenance, and zero-time storage scalability.

Secure sync&share

Improve the security of long-term and large-size documents thanks to infinite versioning.


Request a 30-day free trial. Try out all Babylon Cloud’s features and choose which solution best suits your business.