Public Administration

The digitalisation of traditional processes and infrastructure management challenges government organisations. They must enable a greater level of internal productivity and guarantee the security of sensitive data.  Babylon Cloud provides a military-grade backup, restore and data management platform without any infrastructure maintenance and management costs.

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Protect citizens’ data with a cloud-based solution powered by Babylon Cloud: we fully comply with EU regulation to guarantee the highest secure solution. Our Cloud is GDPR-compliant and ISO certified.

Higher efficiency

Use a secure and resilient technology with our performing backup solution made for government organizations and municipality offices. No file size limit, automatic backups and sycn&share, and a 100% customizable backup policies.

Data Protection

Don’t risk the security of your data. With our 4-in-1 platform, you can back-up, restore, sync&share, and manage data with a military-grade security level. Our flexible yet resilient technology ensures data protection and recovery at any past date.



Implementing paperless strategies is the public sector’s challenge. Babylon Cloud provides a highly performant backup and sync&share solution, which considers the public sector’s needs for secure cloud storage. The platform is fully GDPR compliant and 100% responsible for data privacy across different jurisdictions. We are ISO 27001:2017 and ISO 9001:2015 certified, respecting all European data security regulations.

Configure your retention policies to keep files in the Cloud as long as needed, always guaranteeing citizens’ data availability while complying with law requirements.
Babylon Cloud can be installed within your domain and on-prem to guarantee extra security.

Higher efficiency

Cost Optimization

Optimize your expenses, turning CapEx into OPEX with our cloud-based solution. Data will be stored in the national territory according to the regulation and respecting all the national rules.

Babylon Cloud offers a backup, restore, file transfer and sync&share solution in one single platform, with the possibility to position your cloud in a data centre of your choice or a public or private cloud, providing maximum flexibility while respecting your company’s privacy and security requirements.

Data Protection

security and safety

The public sector has high risks of ransomware and cyber-attacks. To guarantee the safety of citizens’ data, we use the best practice on the security level. Our technology ensures the uniqueness and immutability of the data and respects data privacy. 

The system is safe and secure on a logical and physical level, preventing data breaches and unauthorized access thanks to authentication based on OTP and external services.Recover any files and folders and view the history of versions without time limitations while tracking changes.

An all-in-one solution for the public sector

On-prem infrastructure

Choose a public, private or on-prem infrastructure with delivery, maintenance, and zero-time storage scalability entirely managed by Babylon Cloud.

System Resilience

Prevent service unavailability and data loss thanks to a high physical and logical redundancy and resilience of the systems

Policy Compliance

Protect citizens’ data with a 100% GDPR-compliant cloud, 27001 and 9001 ISO certified, ensuring privacy responsible.


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