Secure your work before something goes wrong. Use our flexible backup and restore platform to safeguard your data.

Overcome IT complexity with a complete 4-in-1 solution: backup, restore, sync & share and file transfer.

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Plan your Backup


Safeguard your business, back up files and folders from all devices: computers, laptops, servers, network drives, smartphones and tablets, USB flash drives, and hard drives included. Plan the exact day and time of the backup and send files to the cloud automatically: focus on your daily activities, we take care of your business data security.

Babylon Cloud is flexible, safe, and easy to use.

Personalized Backup


Different files require different types of management: some files need to be backed up every day, others once per week or month, and the rest of the files are to be sent to the cloud continuously, in real time, while you work on them. 

Babylon Cloud helps you plan your work activities quickly without hassle or complexity. Schedule your backup settings, choose the day and time or configure real-time backups. Plus, settings can be further personalized per single folder.

Babylon Cloud is designed to serve your needs best.

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Losing data is among the most critical events in a company’s life. Protect your business thanks to a highly performant restore of all your device’s data, choosing a date and time of the restore, even just a few seconds before a ransomware attack.

With Babylon Cloud client application, access any of your devices and choose whether to restore the entire device or just a single folder, taking the non-damaged version of your data from the Cloud to the new destination, new device included.

Babylon Cloud is easy and fast. 

Backup Repository


Are you running out of space on your device?  Babylon Cloud’s Backup Repository mode is designed to help you.

Activate the Backup Repository from the Client application: add backup copies of the files and folders in the cloud and delete the original versions from the local disk. As a result, you can freely access your data in the cloud anytime and have more free space on your device.

Babylon Cloud is secure and designed for you

When to use it

Do you need a storage, backup or sync&share solution in the cloud? Find out how Babylon Cloud helped many companies improve their performance and productivity while protecting your data in the cloud and enabling full file recovery even in case of ransomware.
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