sync & share

Access your data from anywhere, at any time


Collaborate with colleagues easily and safely, without ever losing any data 

sync & share

Access your data from anywhere, at any time


Collaborate with colleagues easily and safely, without ever losing any data 

sync & share

Access your data from anywhere, at any time

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Access your data from anywhere. Switch from one device to another, and you will always find your data at the most updated version.

Cloud storage

Create your online archive to store important documents in the cloud. Upload files by drag and drop on the web portal, or even start and stop uploads and downloads at any time.

Sync files with all your devices


Save space with Hologram Sync

Thanks to Hologram, storage space on your devices is saved. Hologram reduces the space your files use and changes their icons.

You can download your copies from the cloud in one step as if they were on your computer or mobile.

Share with no limits

Use the Link Bucket to send groups of files and folders via dynamic links, with no limits in size and number of files to be shared.

Unlimited file versioning

By setting a specific retention policy, only some selected file versions will be kept in the cloud. Then, based on your needs, you can decide whether to keep them for a month, a year or forever.

Recover any version of a file, with no time limit

Travel back in time with the Time Machine: view and recover any of your files at any previous date effortlessly and intuitively.


The sync & share feature allows you to sync and share in real-time your files and folders with the cloud. You can manage your data and visualize any change made in real-time, from any device paired to your account. You can even share any folder with any other active user.

A backup in the cloud allows you the opportunity to make a copy of folders, network drives and flash drives by sending them to the cloud, enabling you to always restore data at any earlier date thanks to the high performing restore feature of the client application.

You can sync any type of device to your account, whether they are computers, smartphones or tablets, you will always be able to connect unlimited devices per user.

A specific sync folder will appear automatically on your device by installing the application on Windows, Mac or Android operating systems.

By moving or copying any of your files and folders in the Babylon Sync folder, you will be able to start the synchronization of your documents.

Alternatively, you can upload data directly on the Web Device section of your application.

You can sync as many devices as you want to your accounts, without any limits.

Content sharing can be done by using either dynamic links or specific folders shared with other Babylon users.

Thanks to dynamic links, you will be able to send files and folders with view-only access to any addressee via specific URLs. You can get these links directly on your web portal. Once opened, the link enables your receiver to download and visualize its content up-to-date.

On the other hand, by using a shared folder you can share any data with active users and set three different accesses (view-only, read and write, read/write and delete) based on your working needs.

Your files and folders can be shared with a view-only access via dynamic links even though your receiver isn’t a Babylon user. You can get your link directly on your web portal; once opened, this link will enable your receiver to download and visualize its content, thus ensuring that the data shared are always up-to-date.

Thanks to the Hologram function you will be able to temporary reduce to 1 KB the size of your files in the Babylon Sync. A hologram icon will then appear for each file reduced, giving you the chance to download the original version from the cloud at any time by simply clicking on the designated icon when you need it.

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