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Discover Babylon Cloud technology

Babylon Cloud developed the services and features of its software around Zodiac server system. Technology is based on a resilient and highly secure infrastructure that guarantees business continuity and security at its best.

IT Specifications

Zodiac server system

Zodiac centralizes in one system all the server functionalities for the final users and management, provisioning, monitoring, invoicing and billing functionalities.

These two systems together enable native integration of the services provided with the capacity management systems, allowing a higher level of activity automations.

Proprietary APIs

Access to server functionalities via API allows the management of different business needs and personalized functionalities through a unique infrastructure without management exceptions.


The system is designed to work as a net, enabling each component on every level to connect with each component of the higher or lower level.


The system works with no interruption and without resource unavailability, even partial, or in case of component loss.


Babylon Cloud technology starts with in-house hardware assembly, including virtual machines for the computational tasks management. Together with Babylon Storage, it guarantees maximum security of data saved in the cloud, up the fifth-point-of-failure fault tolerance.

Babylon Box

Babylon Box is a virtual machine used for all computational tasks of the system, and the hardware base for Zodiac functioning.

Babylon Storage

To store data managed by Babylon Boxes, we designed Babylon Storage, which is inserted in couple in the infrastructure reaching a fault tolerance of 5.

Babylon Cluster

BBoxes are structured in Babylon Clusters, each composed of 4 BBoxes distributed over 2 nodes and in redundancy on other 2. Bbox capacity within a cluster can scale horizontally up to infinite.


SaaS Interface

From infrastructure to interfaces, Babylon Cloud’s technology is a unique solution. Companies can choose to position their data in a public or private cloud or on-premises, using Babylon Cloud’s interface or in white-label, with the same functionalities both on the laptop and on the mobile.

User Portal

Access all your data from the web portal. You just need your license to log-in with personal username and password.

Fixed devices

Our Backup in the cloud is available for unlimited devices, Windows/MacOS.

Mobile device

Same functionalities both on the fixed and mobile devices, Android and iOS, including backup scheduling.


Logical Security

Babylon Cloud systems have a high level of logical security. We apply the highest security protocols in the management of individual user data, with the utmost attention to privacy.

Encryption and obfuscation

Data communication is encrypted with HTTP/TLS and SSL protocols and obfuscation via block segmentation and unique 512-bit ashes.

Authentication and identification

Authentication is via OTP renewed many times per hour and can be done on internal and external system, based on the domain. We made authentication and identification processes independent.


Files and folders, as well as group users, can be erased only through a double command, enabling full recovery before permanent erasure.

Physical Security

Babylon Cloud systems have a high level of physical security, as they can tolerate more faults before being in a condition where the error can cause service or data loss or unavailability.


Babylon Cloud systems have an elevated redundancy level. Component redundancy allows major fault tolerance, meaning any component can be fixed while the system continues to operate. The extreme redundancy of components at all levels, together with our “network” system, enables the availability of Babylon Cloud’s services at very high levels and meets the goal of zero data loss, which has been maintained continuously since the Zodiac full-stack system came into existence (2017).

Resource online redundancy

Babylon Cloud’s strategy is to have all resources redundant online in the system; this allows zero recovery time and no data loss at the recovery point (RTO and RPO). As a result, the system does not have to recover errors and failures, but rather it tolerates them, keeping secondary resources constantly online, thus guaranteeing they can seamlessly take the place of any primary resources that have failed.

High resource distribution

The high resource distribution, networked with each other at the same level and connected to all resources at lower and upper levels, allows the distribution of API calls and I/O, optimising the throughput and minimising the latency of system responses simultaneously. In addition, the high use of caching strategies and asynchronous computation further contributes to latency minimisation.


Resource optimization

The two principles of overbooking and deduplication are among the pillars of the Babylon Cloud system’s high level of Environmental Sustainability. In addition, the already very low power consumption of Babylon Cloud’s production systems is provided by renewable energy sources, which enables Babylon Cloud to achieve the goal of zero environmental impact on its production services.

Green Cloud

Starting from 2023, with the opening of the new Data Center node in Rome entirely powered by solar system, Babylon Cloud has become carbon-free.


One of the main pillars of Babylon Cloud’s system strategy is the minimization of system non-use via overbooking strategies. These allow allocating resources not in the moment when services are allocated but rather when they are really used. Overbooking is at the base of the very low electric consumption (to date, 1,27Watt/Tb nominal/day), which is impossible to achieve otherwise.


Deduplication by blocks helps reduce storage and network bandwidth usage. In addition, it enables the system not to send deduplicated blocks and not to store twice the information already written.