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Babylon Cloud becomes an Industry Member of GSMA



Babylon Cloud becomes an Industry Member of GSMA

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Babylon Cloud solution for TLC operators

Babylon Cloud is a unique platform with a user-friendly interface: 100% flexible and customizable according to your business needs.

What your client will get:

  • Simple and secure way to store, access, share and protect business and private data;
  • Performant data recovery for maximum security;
  • Cloud data backup of unlimited devices, such as: server’s files/folders, network disks, USBs, PCs, tablets, and mobiles;
  • Guaranteed business continuity even in case of hacker attack.

Why choosing Babylon Cloud?

Babylon Cloud strengthens Telco’s digital strategy, enabling cloud solutions with the lowest price on the market, even compared to OTT.

Cloud Solutions

Maximum price

Data Travel Across
Telco Network

Different provisioning
models supported

Easy to bundle
with core offers


Telco Challenges vs Babylon Cloud solution

Offering Additional Services

Telco operators are constantly looking for ways to expand their range of services and offer customers more value. Integrate new digital solutions into existing service packages easily.

Providing Reliable Solutions

Data security is paramount for Telco operators and their customers. Babylon Cloud provides a secure and reliable backup solution to ensure customer data is safe.

Increasing customer loyalty

Retaining customers is essential for Telco operators. With Babylon Cloud solutions, yoadd value to your core offer and increase customer base retention rate.


With Babylon Cloud solutions, you can offer your residential clients a user-friendly platform to store, manage and protect their data.


A unique solution for keeping photos, videos and documents safe.


A simple tool for sharing data from any place and any device.


Bring digitalization to SMBs. Offer a security solution to your business clients to guarantee data safety even after a cyberattack.


Choice a backup and data restore with the highest security level.


Productivity tool for remote team collaboration.


Guarantee business continuity with a unique security solution. One cloud solution on-premises, in a public or private cloud, to protect business data.


A military-level secure cloud solution with restore functionality.


Prioritize data privacy and safety of every single user.

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