Babylon Cloud SPA

About Us

Babylon Cloud was founded in Rome in 2014 as a company specialized in managing large amounts of data in the cloud.

Today it is a well-established reality on the international scene with offices and infrastructures throughout the EMEA region.

The Company

Babylon Cloud provides cloud services to Telco operators, Software Houses and System Integrators in full compliance with the GDPR and with the highest security standards. We work to ensure scalability, versatility and integrity for all customers who rely on our proprietary technology.

The Team

One of the principles of the Babylon Cloud group is to make the internal resources stand out, minimizing the use of outsourced services and developing all the assets internally.

Babylon Cloud areas are divided into Development, Systems, Customer Operations, Marketing and G&A.

Company philosophy


Our mission is to collect, store,synchronize, share and process data for users. Our goal is to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of the data processed from any physical and logical threat and any unlawful interference.


Babylon Cloud bases its principles on the full respect of user privacy, ensuring security and total compliance with the GDPR.

For the future of our planet, we build a highly sustainable technology, totally green and with zero impact on the environment, with 100% cogeneration. Plus, we optimize the available resources using a model designed to be granular and scalable

Babylon Cloud in the World

The products


Babylon Cloud offers Backup solutions for all your Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android devices with a simple and intuitive interface based on our technology developed internally. It enables users to secure data wherever they are thanks to the Backup and Restore functions.

Sync & Share

Increase productivity and collaboration between colleagues and clients with a simple and secure solution: share and synchronize files and folders across multiple devices, ensuring access to your files wherever you are. Enjoy an easy-to-use platform with military level security.

Babylon Stream

Hosting and streaming your videos even on-demand and with zero effort, thanks to the fully integratable SVod platform by Babylon Stream.
A service available on all your devices, fixed or mobile, to create your personal and totally customizable video platform.