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Privacy Policy





1 – Babylon Cloud employs all measures to guarantee its customers the privacy of their data.

2 – Babylon Cloud does not perform tracking activities. No forms of anonymized and / or non-anonymized tracking of any kind take place in any activity involving its database.

3 – Babylon Cloud has given itself the primary mission of defending the privacy of its customers from any threat of any nature, both physical and logical, and from any source. Babylon Cloud believes that Privacy is a fundamental part of the freedom of individuals and organizations,  and must be protected against any interference.

4 – Babylon Cloud has undertaken the commitment to ensure compliance with national laws and universal principles, guaranteeing the fundamental right to privacy of users when the acts of nations conflict with their fundamental laws and with the universal principles of human rights.


 In the following text:

  • “Customer” means any person that ha entered into contracts or legal agreements to provide licenses of use of the technology and / or services with Babylon Cloud S.p.A.;
  • “Interested” means a person who may be involved in any capacity in the technical or administrative activity of Babylon Cloud S.p.A. (employees, suppliers, etc.);
  • “User” means any natural person who uses a Babylon Cloud S.p.A. software in any capacity.



  • The Data Controller is Babylon Cloud S.p.A. which has its registered office in Rome, Via di Tor Pagnotta, 86, 00143.
  • The Data Protection Officer (DPO) for the exercise of the rights indicated below can be reached via the e-mail address and/or by a registered letter with return receipt in Via di Tor Pagnotta, 86, 00143 in Rome.
  1. CONFIDENTIALITY OF PERSONAL DATA – All data communicated by the customer for the entire duration of the contract will be processed as per art. 13 of Italian Legislative Decree n. 196/2003, (Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali) and European Regulation n. 679/2016 (GDPR)).
  1. CATEGORIES OF DATA – The data collected by Babylon Cloud may include contact data (email/telephone numbers), invoicing data and the whole of the files uploaded by users onto Babylon Cloud platform.
  1. PURPOSE OF DATA PROCESSING – The data collected by Babylon Cloud will be processed with the sole purposes of:

3.a. the execution of the contracted Services (in particular: activation of services; user assistance; management of relationship; data usage and data traffic monitoring, especially while pursuing the right level of IT security and for fraud prevention purposes);

3.b. any purpose connected to the obligations of the relevant laws, European rules, decrees of public authorities.

  1. COMMUNICATIONS TO THIRD PARTIES – The data collected by Babylon Cloud can be communicated to third parties only to pursue law obligations and to fulfill activities related to the contracted services. Third Partis which may receive communication of collected data may be: Public Administrations, Law Authorities, Financial administration (for law, regulation, decree, order obligations) ; banks (for the management of collections and payments).
  1. MISSING OF DATA PROCESSING AGREEMENT– Babylon Cloud will be entitled to process customers’ data only with the express consent of the user. If the user doesn’t consent to data processing, Babylon Cloud will not be able to provide any services.
  1. METHODS OF DATA PROCESSING – The data subject to processing will be managed by paper, electronic support or any kind of automated support; the data is stored and processed only in EU Countries under GDPR regulations. The data is processed with processes, procedures, and security measures with the end of guaranteeing privacy and integrity of data. Invoicing data and files uploaded by the users on Babylon Cloud platform will be kept only for the duration of the Services and for a grace period after termination of services to allow the users to restore their data. Contact data is kept until they will be necessary for the legitimate purposes of processing unless the customer/user himself expressly requests their removal.
  1. RIGHTS OF DATA SUBJECTS – Data subjects have the following rights:
  • right to have information about data processed by the Controller (information right);
  • right to obtain the data processed by the Controller (access right);
  • right to revoke agreement to data processing;
  • right to oppose to data processing (wholly or in part);
  • right to oppose to automated processing;
  • right to erase data owned by the controller;
  • right to update or correct personal data;
  • right to ask and obtain anonymization of data;
  • right to ask and obtain a bloc or a limitation of data processed against the law, and of data whose processing is not necessary to the fulfillment of services;
  • right to data portability.


  1. DATA CONTROLLER – The Data Controller is Babylon Cloud S.p.A. based in Roma, Via di Tor Pagnotta, 76. To obtain additional information and to exercise one or more of the above rights, users/customers may write to the email address
  1. OPPOSITION TO PROCESSING – The customer may, for reasons connected with his particular situation, oppose the processing of his personal data if based on a legitimate interest or if it occurs for commercial promotion activities, by sending the request to the Data Protection Officer, to the certified e-mail address , or by registered letter with return receipt sent to Via di Tor Pagnotta, 86, 00143, Roma. The Customer has the right to have their personal data deleted if there is no legitimate overriding reason of the Data Controller with respect to the one that gave rise to the request, and, in any case, if the Customer has opposed the processing for commercial purposes and promotional activities.
  1. COMPLAINTS – Data subjects can lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority on the Italian territory by contacting ihe Italian Data Protection Authority (Garante per la protezione dei dati personali) (Article 77 of the Regulation), Piazza Venezia 11, ROMA ( or bring and action before the appropriate courts (Article 79 of the Regulation). If the event had instead occurred in another EU country, to the authority that carries out its duties and exercises its powers in the Member State where the possible violation occurred (the Data Subject can find links to the various Personal Data Control Authorities on
  1. COOKIE POLICY – Cookies are small text strings that the sites visited by the user send to their browser software, from which they are stored, to be then re-transmitted to the same sites during the same visit or in a subsequent one. visit by the same user. The Babylon Cloud portal uses cookies exclusively for navigation optimization purposes (technical cookies); failure to consent to the use of cookies prevents access to the Babylon Cloud portal. In any case, the user can at any time manage, or request the general deactivation or deletion of cookies, by changing the settings of their internet browser. Deactivation may jeopardize the proper functioning of the portal.

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