Babylon Cloud SPA


Scaling up your business can be a real challenge. Babylon Cloud’s goal is to grow together.

You will always have your files safe, even after a cyber-attack. And with Babylon Cloud’s collaboration tools, you can rest assured that your employee’s productivity increases significantly.

Data protection for small & medium businesses

Babylon Cloud’s platform is designed to guarantee your company’s business continuity and data protection. Thanks to the folder-sharing functionality with three access and modification permissions levels, you can safely share data with clients and colleagues.

Save your business-sensitive data on our 100% EU-developed cloud.

Babylon Cloud offers a simple and intuitive interface which allows you to speed up all internal processes of your business, update documents in real-time in the cloud, and access your data from any device.

Furthermore, the backups is fully programmable and automated. Each document is stored in the cloud for an unlimited time: you will no longer have to worry about archiving and maintaining your customer’s data manually, as the application will do it for you.

Your digital transformation

Babylon Cloud offers a secure, scalable, and cost-effective solution, providing backup and sync & share with a military level of security to protect your business data.

The solution allows you to protect data of any size, with the highest performance, even compared to OTT cloud solutions. In addition, the technology is developed to guarantee the users’ privacy and the security of information stored in the cloud or shared individually with other colleagues.

Why choose Babylon Cloud

Cost certainty

No more unpleasant surprises on your invoice as our solutions have the lowest market cost, and all services included in the monthly fee.

An unlimited number of devices

Pair as many devices as you wish to your account, without limit: smartphones, laptops (Windows, macOS, Linux), tablets (Android or iOS), hard disks, and USB flash drives, and access all from any device.

Backup customization

Schedule the backup of every single folder according to your needs, optimizing the performance of your internet connection at the same time.

Military level of security

All communication within your company or externals is encrypted with HTTPS/TLS and SSL protocol and obfuscated with a unique 512-bit hash.

Data restore in few simple clicks

Restore your data at anu date in the past thanks to secure and quick procedures. Ensure the continuity of your business and reduce the risk of downtime from ransomware attacks or other malicious activity.