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Babylon Cloud is the unique solution that allows you to manage your complex data in complete security and take your company’s business to a higher level.

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Cloud products

With Babylon Cloud everything you need for the security and management of your business documents is at your fingertips. We developed our cloud technology internally and each product is designed to meet the needs of businesses in terms of storage, flexibility and user experience.


With Babylon Cloud’s unique platform, including Backup, Restore, Sync & Share, and File Transfer, enjoy a comprehensive solution that can be easily integrated.

Our platform enables companies to digitize processes by offering automatic and totally secure management of company data, which can be saved, shared, and recovered at any time and from any device without time limitations.


Access your documents from any device thanks to the sync&share functionality. Your documents are saved in the cloud and are accessible from fixed and mobile devices or web portal, at any time and from anywhere.

Collaborating with clients and colleagues is easy and safe and you will no longer have to worry about file size limits: with Babylon Cloud, share and synchronize what you need, when you need it, across all your devices.


Manage your videos easily and intuitively and create your own video streaming platform, thanks to Babylon Stream technology.

With Babylon Stream you can focus on your content having a «turnkey» product at your disposal, completely customizable with your company logo and colors.

Babylon Cloud for your business

It doesn’t matter the size of your company: with Babylon Cloud you will have the right partner to take your work to a higher level.


Speed up your work by automatically managing data with an easy and intuitive interface. Update and sync documents in real time from any device in complete security.


Digitize your business thanks to our 4-in-1 platform: manage automatic and personalized backups, share data with customers and colleagues and recover all your documents at any past date.


Secure your company data and choose where to place your infrastructure, ensuring maximum respect for data privacy and the highest levels of physical and logical security.