Babylon Cloud SPA


If you are a freelancer, the data collected and produced is your own responsibility: for this reason, having a reliable partner to safely store your work is paramount.

Babylon Cloud helps you manage and protect files wherever you are. Our platform is 100% GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 and 9001 certified, ensuring a protected environment for you and your clients’ data.

Maximum flexibility with our Babylon Cloud solution

With Babylon Cloud, you have a solution that fits all your needs.

Choose how to organize your files and folders and which documents to share. Each shared folder has specific permissions, so only people authorized to open your documents can access the shared material. Babylon Cloud respects user privacy 100% and guarantees the security of information stored in the cloud or shared individually with colleagues.

Download, share, collaborate in real-time with your clients and colleagues, backup unlimited devices per single user, and restore devices at no extra cost. All features are include in the price.

All-in-one platform for easy management

Collaborating and sharing work with colleagues or clients has never been so easy, even remotely.

No more endless email exchanges: Babylon Cloud will sync any changes, and everyone involved will see them in real-time, from anywhere.

Why choose Babylon Cloud

An unlimited number of devices

Pair as many devices as you wish to your account, without limit: smartphones, laptops (Windows, macOS, Linux), tablets (Android or iOS), hard disk, and USB flash drives, and access all from any device.

One unique platform

Use laptops, computers, mobiles, and any other device connected to your Babylon Cloud account to work from anywhere in a unique platform accessible by the client application, mobile app, and web portal.

Time Machine

Use the simple tool for "going back in time" to see and restore all the versions of your documents on the web portal. The most recent version can be downloaded even in a case of a ransomware attack.

Scheduled backup

Set up your schedule with automatic backups of files and folders according to your business needs. Configure different backup settings for all your devices.

Protected sharing

Share even sensitive data via live links, set a deadline or activate the protection mode for secure access. Send one link for multiple files and folders and ensure automatic access to the most updated content.