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A Green Data Center to enable your digitalization

Babylon Cloud is tirelessly committed to sustainable digital growth. Our mission is to support businesses in achieving their sustainability goals by realizing the benefits of our green data centre through a range of GREEN initiatives.

Green innovation

Babylon Cloud understands that cloud services and Datacenters in general represent one of the most energy-intensive business areas in the contemporary world, and is committed to reducing its carbon footprint dramatically.

In particular, it has built a pilot Datacenter to demonstrate a new operational concept for cloud services, and is building on the same site the world’s first commercial Datacenter with enough co-generation capacity from renewable energy sources to supply the entire Datacenter’s needs for long periods of time.

The Datacenter will be able to accommodate more than 300 cabinets, structured over multiple rooms, and will be powered by a solar power plant with a total capacity of more than 11MW; the infrastructure will include significant energy storage capacity in batteries and in addition a hydrogen power plant that will include an electrolysis plant and fuel cell engines.

For 9 months of the year, the solar plant will power the Datacenter and the site offices during the day and recharge the batteries for the night; in addition, with the same solar energy it will generate green hydrogen that will be stored for the winter. all the excess energy produced by the solar plant, once the batteries are recharged and the hydrogen storage capacity is finished, will be fed into the power grid.

Zero impact structures

We are firmly committed to shaping a sustainable future by taking bold steps to reduce our footprint. The energy needs of the Datacenter will then be met by the following sources, in order:

By day...

directly from the energy produced by the solar photovoltaic system.

At night...

In case of insufficient energy from the solar plant, from the batteries recharged during the day. When the batteries are no longer available, from the Electricity Operator.

in case of insufficient energy from the solar system, at the end of the availability of the batteries and in case of unavailability of the Electricity Manager due to failures or blackouts, by the fuel cell engines that will use the hydrogen produced during the summer.

The overall capacity of the plant will be such that in summer it will generate an amount of excess energy to be fed into the grid that is far greater than the energy needed in winter to surrogate for the reduced availability of solar energy.

The goal of the project lies not only in the decarbonization of the entire datacenter, but more importantly in achieving absolute autonomy of the Datacenter and economic independence from fossil energy sources. Thanks to total decarbonization, in fact, The Datacenter will be independent of fossil fuel price fluctuations and – by supplying energy to the grid for 9 months of the year – will contribute to the reduction of the Italian System’s energy dependence. From an economic point of view, the cost of energy received from the grid in the 3 months of the Manager’s use will be largely offset by revenues from the sale of energy in the 9 months of overproduction.

Compared to traditional Datacenter management, where emergency supply in the event of a blackout is normally provided with fossil fuels, the co-generation system has an additional advantage in independence from external supply, since in the event of a prolonged blackout the available fuel would likely be diverted to hospitals, barracks and public offices, and a traditional Datacenter would have to plan for total or partial shutdown. The co-generation Datacenter, on the other hand, would still be independent and even in winter would have self-generated hydrogen available to cope with the emergency.

Sustainable Innovation

We are firmly committed to shaping a sustainable future by taking bold steps to reduce our footprint.

100% cogeneration

The final goal of our Data Centre is 100% cogeneration. With energy generated internally, we reduce environmental impact and ensure maximum system resilience. With data center nodes in Southern and Northern Europe, we will ensure business continuity through an advanced disaster recovery scheme. Our commitment to sustainability is a tangible reality.

Low consumption, maximum efficiency

Our Object Storage technology, combined with overbooking and deduplication capabilities ensures an industry-leading level of performance while minimizing energy consumption. By choosing our Data Center, you save money and actively contribute to safeguarding the planet. With our technology, you can store and manage your data effectively and efficiently without compromising the quality of service.

Your sustainable Data Center:
when you need it, where you need it,
without any impact on the environment

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