Babylon Cloud SPA

Company philosophy

The strenght of Babylon Cloud lies in the principles it has chosen to follow. We believe in the value of intellectual property and in a technology that respects the environment.

We grow together with our team, developping innovative products internally and bringing maximum value to our clients. 


The Team

One of the principles of Babylon Cloud  is to make the internal resources stand out, minimizing the use of outsourced services and developing all the assets internally.

Areas are Development, Systems, Customer Operations, Marketing and G&A.

The principles

Babylon Cloud designed its infrastructures to ensure the resilience of services and information while protecting business continuity and the security of our clients.
A highly flexible and versatile technology model, designed to meet the needs of our customers.


We adopt all technological, operational and strategic measures to guarantee the utmost confidentiality and integrity of users’ data.


Babylon Cloud is committed to ensuring respect for the individual and the protection of diversity. It rejects biased assessments based on nationality, origin, ethnicity, skin color, religion, political opinion, gender and sexual orientation.


We believe in a «glocal» development model, globally local, pursued by building dedicated infrastructures in each country with support team in native language, guaranteeing data retention in the nation itself. All with centralized control of local infrastructures.

Intellectual property

We support the importance of intellectual property, investment and building value from within. For this reason, we consider a fundamental value the ability to develop our assets internally as much as possible, minimizing variable costs while maximizing the investment to obtain greater generated value, independence, control and scalability.


We are committed to ensuring the resilience of services and information, protecting continuity and physical and logical integrity through our robust and redundant infrastructures. We adopt technological models that allow companies to continue to operate in any condition and under any criticality.

Long-term sustainability

Babylon Cloud believes in a sustainable technological development where energy consumption is minimized to zero, respecting the planet and the future. Obsolete hardware is recovered by reusing it for our internal activities or donating it to institutions. Plus, we comply with all the rules on ethical disposal of components that can no longer be used. In addition, our infrastructure is powered only by renewable energy sources, including our offices, where photovoltaic solar panels are installed.

Privacy in cloud

Adapting to continuous security and privacy requests is a complex process.
Babylon Cloud has built a GDPR-oriented architecture where data is inaccessible to anyone different from the data owner itself.
User's privacy is protected in absolute compliance with the most stringent regulations.
Thanks to the strict physical and logical security protocols and the full communication encryption we garanteeing the security of users data in the cloud.

The certifications

Babylon Cloud follows and applies the guidelines and best practices guaranteeing the highest quality and security standards for users’ information management.

ISO 9001:2015

Organizational quality management

ISO 27001:2017

Information security management systems

ISO/IEC 27017:2015

Information security control for cloud services

ISO/IEC 27018:2019

Protecting personally identifiable information in public clouds


Babylon Cloud cooperates with innovative companies to build a sustainable and cutting-edge technological future together.

Code of ethics

The main objective of Babylon Cloud is to ensure respect for the individual and the protection of diversity, rejecting prejudicial assessments based on nationality, territorial origin, ethnicity, skin color, religion, political opinion, sex and sexual orientation


Environmental sustainability is the basis of the philosophy and proprietary technology of Babylon Cloud. 

We beleive in a green future, where technology and respect for the environment go hand in hand.  Our infrastructures are powered only by renewable energy sources and the new Datacenter node in Rome is entirely powered by solar photovoltaic. This allows us to declare the entire company «carbon free». 

Work with Us

We value our resources and their potential in every sector. For us, their talent is the basis of our growth philosophy.

We are always looking for new professionals to include in the numerous projects and challenges of the future: server and client developers, systems engineers, marketing and sales managers, customer operators/testers, administrators.