Babylon Cloud SPA

Integrate Babylon Cloud to your products

Babylon Cloud is a proprietary “object storage” platform designed to allow complete integration with other digital services or to be offered in “White-Label” to your existing customers.

Thanks to the proprietary API system and maximum flexibility in combining the offer, we enable you to create a unique solution that meets all the needs of your business.

Business needs

Find out how to enrich your offer with new features.

Step 1

Key features

With Babylon Cloud you will no longer have to worry about managing the complexities of integration processes. Our technology is designed to be flexible and to adapt to the needs of your business, entrusting you to a safe partner

Zero complexity

From the positioning of the Cloud to the customization of individual functions, we take care of the execution and resolution of all the complexities along the process.


A «ready-to-use» security solution for your customers’ data that can be installed independently on all devices. You can choose to integrate our solution with existing ones and expand your digital offer without difficulty.


The provision of the chosen services has never been so simple: Babylon Cloud takes care of the entire “delivery” process, to ensure smooth and completely free management.

Step 2


Define the best product for you and your customers. With Babylon Cloud you customize the platform at all levels: from “rebranding” to positioning, through to the “provisioning” models to choose from.


Babylon Cloud ensures a complete "rebranding" of all solutions: from applications for smartphones and tablets, to PC clients, up to the user's web portals. The colors and logos displayed will be those chosen by you, always.

Product type

Choose from the different types of products that respond to the requests of your "customer base", whether consumers, professionals, small and medium-sized businesses or corporates.


Choose between different "provisioning" systems that guarantee the automation of activations or deactivations and the management of the entire life cycle of the end customer. Babylon Cloud offers a wide range of choices: you can freely decide which solution best meets your needs and leave the difficulty of managing the integration process to us.

Proprietary APIs

With Babylon Cloud you have a complete system of over 150 proprietary APIs at your disposal, thanks to which we are able to customize each solution at all levels, even for individual functionality.

Customized packages

Babylon Cloud offers you the total possibility of adopting package or consumption-based solutions, with maximum freedom of choice. Furthermore, these packages can be customized without limits by building the model that best suits your customer base, in terms of storage capacity and number of users.

Step 3


Whether you choose an “on-prem” infrastructure or a private or public Cloud, Babylon Cloud guarantees you maximum privacy and transparency in the secure management of your users’ data. All the infrastructure and products offered are entirely managed by our technical teams who constantly monitor the performance of the servers and the efficiency of the “delivery” of the service. We can satisfy every data placement need, ensuring control and speed of use.

Anywhere you want

With Babylon Cloud you can choose the geographical location of your data: request an infrastructure in a Data Center of your choice or rely on one of our spaces in Europe.

Remote monitoring

Babylon Cloud servers are constantly monitored remotely thanks to a dedicated team and are positioned in structures that ensure a high level of redundancy and resilience of the physical and logical components.


We comply with all strict controls regarding data security and respect for privacy according to the GDPR rules. Babylon Cloud is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2017 certified.