Babylon Cloud SPA


A large company often means huge responsibilities and policy compliance. Find out how choosing a 100% GDPR-compliant partner can secure your data and guarantee hassle-free data management. With its flexible and comprehensive solution, Babylon Cloud enables team collaboration, easy data flow management, backup and restore, sync & share of files and folders, and a wide range of customizable features.

A unique platform for all your company needs.

Easy scalable storage and backup solution

Babylon Cloud has developed a proprietary technology that is flexible and customizable according to your business needs. The infrastructure can be positioned in any Data Center, even «on-prem», guaranteeing maximum respect for data privacy and the highest levels of security.

Babylon Cloud fully complies with the rules of the European GDPR and applies the major physical and logical security protocols while installing and configuring its servers.

Need more flexibility? With Babylon Cloud, you can scale up your storage needs to infinity whenever you want, with no limit. Flexibility means a lot to us: choose between a private or public cloud or an infrastructure on-premises, guaranteeing the total security of data and personalized performance.

Taking cloud security to the next level

The core of a business relies on the information it stores and processes. For this reason, keeping data secure in every circumstance is mandatory. Babylon Cloud guarantees the safety and security of all its infrastructures, encrypting communications and providing a double command before the erasure of information.

Our turn-key cloud storage solutions enable corporates across different sectors to backup and sync & share their data while respecting all legal requirements regarding data privacy protection and policy compliance.

Why choose Babylon Cloud

Cost Reduction

A single-supplier full-stack solution with total management and full responsibility for infrastructure maintenance, upgrades, and service delivery. Reduce costs of operations, turning CapEx into OpEx with a pay-per-use model.

Regulatory Compliance

Babylon Cloud is 100% GDPR compliant and ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified, thus guaranteeing data privacy across different EU jurisdictions.

Safety & Security

Prevent service unavailability and data loss thanks to the high redundancy of all logical and physical components of Babylon Cloud. The platform can support scalability up to millions of Pb.

Safe Access

Access to your files immediately from any place and device with double authorization access to your account and total privacy for any user account.

Ransomware recovery

Do not lose your work! Thanks to an easy restore procedure, you can recover files and folders by navigating back in time with the Time Machine: no time limitations so that you can download and view the entire history of your projects.